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Led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) graduate students at Dalhousie University, Diversity of Nature (DoN) is a scientific outreach organization dedicated to increasing BIPOC representation in the natural sciences.

DoN's program consists of an annual ecological field expedition and year-round workshops (including science panels, in-school workshops, and outdoor day excursions). Our programming is tailored to BIPOC students across Nova Scotia.

All of our programming is free of charge

To our knowledge, DoN is the only STEM outreach program in Canada run by BIPOC graduate students and tailored to BIPOC youth!

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Upcoming Events

  • Squid Dissection Workshop
    Upcoming Saturday 1-3PM; Exact Date TBD
    Upcoming Saturday 1-3PM; Exact Date TBD
    Halifax, Life Sciences Centre, Halifax, NS B3H 4J1, Canada
    Join for for an immersive squid dissection workshop at Dalhousie University, and learn all about squid ecology, morphology and taxonomy. All materials are provided! Open to ages 8 and up, with priority given to BIPOC youth.
  • Marine Outreach Workshop Series
    Three workshop sessions in March 2023
    Dalhousie University
    Three workshop sessions in March 2023
    Dalhousie University, 1355 Oxford Street, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
    A 3-part workshop series for undergraduate, graduate, and early-career professionals on effective scientific outreach, following by YOU running your own outreach event for your community!
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