Scientific Contributions

We are committed to elevating our BIPOC and underrepresented peers in Science. As part of that goal, Diversity of Nature also participates in scientific research and dissemination of knowledge on equity in STEM.



Arif, S., Massey, M.D., Klinard, N., Charbonneau, J., Jabre, L., Gaitor, D., Martins, A., Kirton, R., Albury, C. & Nanglu, K. 10 Simple Rules for Supporting Underrepresented Students. Under revision for PLoS Computational Biology

Massey, M. D., Arif, S., Albury, C., Cluney, V. 2021. Ecology and evolutionary biology must elevate BIPOC scholars. Ecology Letters, 24: 913-919. [PDF]

Arif, S. & Massey, M. D. Perspectives on Teaching from Early-Career Scientists: Graduate Students as Teachers. Accepted in the Journal of College Science Teaching.

Arif, S. Employing student-centred learning in an ecosystems course. Accepted in the Journal of College Science Teaching.

Arif, S. 2021. What does a professor look like? Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin. 2021;30(1): 22-22. [PDF]


Presentations and Talks

Invited plenary talk

Massey, M. D.*, Arif, S.*, Albury, C., Cluney, T., & Hutchings, J. A. "Making Room for BIPOC Scholars in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology". Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research. Feb. 18, 2021. *Presented by Melanie Massey and Suchinta Arif

Dalhousie University Seminar

Massey, M. D.*, Arif, S*., Albury, C*., and Cluney, T. "Elevating BIPOC Scholars in EEB". FISH Seminar Talk, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS. Feb. 12. 2021. Presented by Melanie Massey, Suchinta Arif, and Catalina Albury