Community Workshops Photo Gallery


Fish Dissection

Undergraduate student Aaron Judah led this wonderful exploration of fish form, function, and diversity! We received a generous donation of fish (and a couple of squid!) from Amos & Andy Fisheries Ltd.


Snorkeling 2021

In June 2021, diver extraordinare Hunter Stevens led a snorkeling expedition for BIPOC youth. Students used real diving gear to explore Cranberry Cove's marine environment. Safety was facilitated with dive supervision by Matt Mar. Nicolas Winkler also took some amazing underwater photographs!


Scientific Illustration

We have given numerous webinars on Scientific Illustration. Students learned about the importance and history of scientific illustration. So far, students have enjoyed our "Seeing Yourself In Nature", which invite students to create a self-portrait surrounded by plants and animals that inspire them!


Poster Gallery

Some of our past event posters!