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Urban Park Guided Walk

Learn about a unique urban park in Halifax! This guided hike, led by Unity Cooper from The Nova Scotia Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, will teach you about the ecology and conservation of Nova Scotia’s natural areas.

Open to underrepresented youth. Suggested age: High School. 

If younger studnets would like to come with one parent/guardian chaperone, we welcome you to do so - spend some quality time together in nature!

Free lunch and snacks are provided!

Date: Sunday August 15th 10:30 AM

Meet at 225 Chain Lake Dr. (Kent Parking Lot)

We will be in touch about lunch and contact information!

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  1. Although every effort is made to ensure the safety of participants’ belongings, Diversity of Nature is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal items.

  2. Your child will follow all reasonable instructions from the staff of Diversity of Nature while participating in the program.

  3. Diversity of Nature reserves the right to cancel a child’s participation in a workshop if their behavior is deemed unmanageable or dangerous to themselves or others, in which case their parent will be called to pick them up and/or safe transportation home will be arranged

  4. You release Diversity of Nature, its staff, volunteers, and Dalhousie University of and from all manner of actions, claim and demands of whatever nature which result from any loss, injury or expense sustained, arising out of or in any way connected with participation in any program or attendance at a location operated by Diversity of Nature.

  5. In the event your child is injured, ill or in need of medical attention and you are unable to be contacted, you authorize Diversity of Nature staff to seek medical attention on your behalf.

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Media Release

I authorize Diversity of Nature to use photographs or video of my child taken during Diversity of Nature activities for promotional material (e.g. on Diversity of Nature’s website, social media, Newsletter, or in grant reporting to funders).

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